18 January 2021

Bluecrux is a Great Place to Work® certified™

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Bluecrux is a Great Place to Work® certified™

We are excited to announce that we started 2021 with a brand new certification: the Great Place to Work® label!

Great Place to Work® is an organization that researches what it takes to offer a great workplace. When employers install a culture where employees trust the organization, are proud of their jobs and enjoy working with their colleagues, they grant that employer the Great Place To Work® label. The strict criteria and the combined perspectives of both the employees and the organization make this recognition unique: one that you cannot reach without your employees on board! So, we took our 100+ beecees on this journey. Based on both an employee survey and an audit of all internal processes and the company culture, we are proud to announce that bluecrux received the Great Place to Work label in 2021.

Our journey towards a Great Place to Work

Going through an initiative where your internal processes and company culture are audited by an external organization is exciting. Yet, being a company that believes it is important to be critical in everything we do – and especially towards ourselves – we were excited to find out how our beecees perceive bluecrux as an employer. With the help of their input and feedback, we gained some valuable insights.

The fact that 94% of our beecees agree with the statement: “Taking everything into account, I would say bluecrux is a great place to work” is a massive overall score to be very proud of.

Even more important than receiving the Great Place To Work® label is that we also received some feedback about things we should definitely keep doing and things that we can still improve on. As a fast-growing and dynamic organization, this input is worth gold, since it will help us to grow even further and will enable us to make bluecrux an ever great(er…er) place to work in the future.

So, what did we learn?

1/ Our beecees like the autonomy and responsibility they get, within a communicative & supportive company environment. The team recognizes a culture where the management team is very approachable, understands that honest mistakes can be made, is open for suggestions and is willing to provide support when required.

2/ Adapting to change is a continuing topic in an organization that is growing fast. In general, our beecees feel that change is embraced relatively quickly in the organization and that it helps them to grow. At the same time, it also presents the challenge of managing time carefully. We learned that we should continue to support our beecees in that area, especially in these challenging COVID times.

3/ There is a lot of collegiality amongst the beecees, where connecting with their colleagues on a frequent and informal basis is perceived as very important. As a company, we invest a lot of effort, time and resources in making sure that people stay connected and experience that ‘bluecrux DNA’ from the moment they join the team. Our ‘Because We Care’ initiative (our Corporate Social Responsibility team focusing on topics such as employee wellbeing) is doing a great job and we’ll continue to make this one of the main priorities in 2021.

4/ People feel proud to work for bluecrux and believe that we are having a significant impact on our clients. Our people also feel that their personal contribution makes a difference and that everyone within bluecrux goes the extra mile, which creates infectious enthusiasm.

5/ We should continue to create transparency and clarity about our overall vision, goals and where our organization is going. Our monthly LFMs (Last Friday Meetings) where all employees gather (virtually these days), definitely play a crucial role and will keep on holding them in the future.

In short, this is definitely not the end of our journey. We are excited about keeping on moving on our path towards growth – both in Europe and in the US – and will keep on doing this together with all our current and future beecees. Do you want to know more about our organization, or are you thinking about becoming one of our beecees? Let’s talk!