Towards A.I. based sales forecasting using internal and external data


One of the largest global automotive manufacturers.

This customer was in full tranformation of building up a central excellence team and move from a regional towards a more centralized sales planning organization and processes.

One of their key challenges was to increase the level of sales planning performance, while moving towards more automated solutions and this central organization.


By leveraging LOP’s machine learning models, combined with internal and external data, they predict their sales of each model, region and channel.
For each combination, the best fit model is determined, together with the key influencing factors such as marketing spent, competitor info, prices, market information, macro-economical indicators, and many more.
This solutions enables them to move towards a central driven process, while taking local insight automatically into account.

  • Create a virtual twin

  • Get end-to-end visibility

  • Set smart parameters

  • Optimize end-to-end financials

  • Monitor the control tower


↑ Forecast performance by 50%

↑ Forecast automation

↓ Forecast bias

Influencing factors insights

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