Towards an automated IBP by financial network optimization


A leading global coating provider, dedicated to the development, manufacturing, delivery and service of liquid and powder coatings.

With their extended supply chain network consisting more than 50 manufacturing facilities and more than 100.000 customers in 130 countries, they were facing challenges in balancing demand with supply, whilst optimizing the financial bottom-line results.


LOP enabled this customer to move from pure demand and supply balancing towards true end-to-end financial optimization as part of their monthly Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process.

Taking into account sales, supply chain, operations, raw material and financial information, scenarios can now be generated, pockets of improvement are identified & data-driven decisions are taken.

  • Create a virtual twin

  • Get end-to-end visibility

  • Set smart parameters

  • Optimize end-to-end financials

  • Monitor the control tower


E2E thinking & acting across multiple disciplines

Visibility in product plant allocation

Financial driven demand assignments

Enable for financial IBP process

+2% EBITDA identified

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