[Webinar] The Digital Supply Chain Twin: Connected Visibility​

[Webinar] The Digital Supply Chain Twin: Connected Visibility​

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Build your E2E digital network via crawling algorithms and process mining to establish true material flows 

The importance of AI & ML in data harmonization is in helping you to rise to the challenge of creating End-to-End visibility in your supply chain.  The initial challenge is to gather all this data, which is scattered across platforms, and create a harmonized representation of the supply chain by matching and structuring records across the platform which are not necessarily referred to in the same manner.

Using AI & ML, LOP.ai connect the dots throughout the supply chain linking contract manufacturers, suppliers, customers … creating the End-to-End visibility based on ‘demonstrated performance’.

What can you expect from our webinar:

  • Define what is Digital Supply Chain Twin
  • Learn about the difference between E2E Visibility by design versus by actual performance
  • A nextgen technology demo to see how it works in practice